In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Prayer and peace be upon the messenger – sent as mercy to the worlds; Prophet Mohamed, his family and companions

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Ministry of Finance &Economic Planning with its various services through which we offer important and useful data and information to the public and all the website browsers about the general policies of the country, financial and economic and programs and projects. The Ministry’s website browser also finds information on the general budget of the state and various data and statistics related to the financial aspects.

The development of the Ministry’s website comes in the framework of strategies to promote financial services to support the implementation and achievement of the strategic objectives of the Country. In this context, we are endeavoring to continuously communicate with partners and with the citizens as we well as providing access to knowledge and information to them because it accounts for a meaningful interaction towards acheivement of the overall development objectives of the country.

The achievements which were made are a witness to the joints of the modernization and development such as the application of electronic collection system, the Sigle Treaury System and government resource planning system. Now, we are making wider strides to implement electronic payment in the country and computerize all salaries across the country.

Similarly, the efforts of all the staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, all the employees of the finance and economy sector have had an important and cruicial role in the acheivements made which supports the national economy and feeds into the service of the optimal interests of our country and our generous people.

The development process requires attention to the views and proposals of those dealing with the Ministry. Therefore, we give a particular importance to their interaction with us in order to provide the best services to achieve the desired benefit. Moreover, the development process will include the continuous updating of data and information available on the website in addition to broading of data band in accordance with the best practices and international experiences in this field.

Finally, we afirm that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning is totally committed to work on the development and modernization of financial services in the Country towards achieving the economic and social development’s comprehensive and ambitious goals.

My success is only brought about by God ,,,