The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning disclosed the focus of the 2017 Budget on priority production sectors in partnership with the private sector or stimulate the banking sector to finance the direct production projects of the private sector. Ustaz/ Badr Al- Din Mahmoud, Minister of Finance upon his briefing the Banks Union today in the Ministry  the Draft Budget of 2017 and the role of the Banking system as essential in the healthy economic performance, calling on banks to participate actively with the private sector in financing the production sectors to increase exports and substitute imports to achieve the five-year program objectives in increasing production and raising productivity, stressing interest in promoting the role of banks in involving the resources in the banking system, noting the key role of the banks in the implementation of recent reforms issued by the Ministry of Finance, consistent with the goals of the five-year program and the program of reform of the state and accommodation of national dialogue outcomes as the most important reference points.  The Minister revealed the interest of the new budget in the social support for the segments affected by economic reform and the transition from the social insurance packages to the social security packages as well as expansion in the ownership of the means of production for vulnerable segments besides expansion of microfinance umbrella and focus on the financing of health care, basic education, literacy and enforcement Zero program thirst. The Minister pointed to the attention of the budget to increase of revenues from actual resources, rationalization of government spending and the order of priorities of spending according to the technical reform, mainstreaming of  computing systems and completion  electronic payment in coordination with the banks as well as strengthening of financial control organs to enhance the State mandate on the public money, besides the budget 's focus on restoring balance in the external sector, sustainability, reduce the import bill and confine the budget deficit in the sustainable limits. The Banking System call for a design of programs to attract expatriates investments besides rationalizing the demand for foreign exchange. For his part, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Hassan Governor of the Central Bank emphasized his attention to maintain the entitlements of banks and interest towards the success of  financing portfolio and the transition from short –term to medium- term funding, announcing the completion of the capital of Nilain Bank- Abu Dhabi branch of 40 million dirham in order to intensify its efforts as a correspondent for foreign banks, improve Transactions and transfer the savings of workers in the Gulf into the country.

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