New Guidelines to Increase the contribution of Taxes to the GDP

The Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning, Taxation Chamber directed to finalize the computerization of the taxation system and redouble the efforts towards increasing the outcome and reducing the cost of tax collection. Ustaz / Badr El-Din Mahmoud, Minister of Finance during his field visit to the Secretariat General of Taxation Chamber today with the participation of First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance renewed his commitment towards the budget of this year not to impose any new taxes, directing to the completion of computing programs at the Chamber towards access to a greater base of financiers in addition to activation of coordination with the relevant authorities to provide as much as possible information to get to the taxpayers along with the need to focus on quick collection and strengthen control organ to prevent tax evasion. The Minister also directed to prepare a practical plan for the current year for increasing direct tax collection by expanding the taxation umbrella towards improving the contribution of taxes in the GDP in order to increase the national income and ensure equitable distribution among the citizens, pledging to provide technical and financial support that could enable the Chamber to perfect its performance. Abdullah Al-Musaad Secretary General of the Taxation Chamber, that the computerized taxation system has been finalized by more than 90% to begin implementation as from tomorrow on the use of the two paper and computerized systems side by side until the completion of the technical and technological arrangements required to finalize the computerization of the base system by the end of 2017, announcing the launch of the billing system in the last week of next April. The Secretary General directed the financiers and dealers in trade and services to extract The Taxation Identification Number and registering it in the Taxation Chamber

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