MOF determines 27th of December Deadline the Payment disbursement of wages

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning announced the arrangement of the end of the financial year 2016 arrangements, aiming at strengthening the financial and accounting discipline and confirming the mandate of MOF on the public money as well as commitment to close the government's accounts in the scheduled date of the year end. The Accounts Chamber at the Ministry issued the a financial circular under which it ratified the payment of wages for all state employees for the month of current December, applying the unified wages structure for the year 2013, and the Public Service Chamber Circular for the year 2013, applying the Cabinet Resolution for the year 2016 and circulars of the Public "Service Chamber regarding bonuses and allowances. The Circular determined the 27th of current December shall be the deadline for finalizing the payment procedures in accordance with applicable rules in the Financial and Accounting Procedures Regulations for the year 2011, while all the allowances and bonuses due in December and any other dues shall be paid before the 27th  of the month, along with transferring all the deductions kept in the debit balances account ( trusts) and any other obligations to their beneficiaries before the said date. The Circular directed the national government units to pay the cash balances remained in the treasury after completing the inventory procedures and preparing their balance to the account of the Ministry of Finance at the Bank of Sudan at or before 12:00 o'clock 29/12 noon, along with preparing a detailed statement of the bounced payments. The general corporations and government companies, under this circular, undertake to pay balances to the commercial bank accounts to their accounts in the Central Bank or its branches in the states on 29/12/ for the implementation of the Minister of Finance's decision in this regard. The Circular signed in the name of the Accounts Director General / Hisham Adam Mahdi , further, directed The public bodies and the government and mixed companies to pay the sums due to the Ministry of Finance which include dividends of the government's shares of investment profits, and the Ministry's share of the surplus to the Ministry's account in the Bank of Sudan on or before 29/12 provided that the General Administration of the Government corporations and companies in the Ministry should follow up payment. The Circular determined the end of March 2017 in the deadline for all the accounts units to close their final accounts for the financial year 2016 and to deliver them to the Chamber on the same date in accordance with the GFS system.

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