MOF reveals expansion of financial cooperation with UAE

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning stressed the importance of the UAE investments in Sudan; marking it as priority describing it a priority investment due to its clear contribution to the financial and banking field. Ustaz/ Badr Al-Din Mahmoud, Minister of Finance, during a meeting today in his office with the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Sudan Hamad Mohamed Al-Junaibi revealed the expansion of opportunities in the financial and banking cooperation between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates through the existing banking institutions, including the Dubai Islamic Bank, Pioneers Bank as a new introduction of investment between the two countries, and Neelain Bank Abu Dhabi branch, which constitutes a means of money transfer and movement, praising the role and assistance of the UAE in the lifting of US sanctions on Sudan. The Minister said are looking forward to a greater role for the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development to finance major development projects after the decision to lift of the sanctions, reviewing the most promising investment in agriculture, both plant and animal sides, industry, tourism, particularly in the areas of diving, wildlife and antiquities, as well as investment in the available fields of energy in the country, stressing the importance of encouraging the UAE investors to take advantage of the potentials of Sudan. For his part, UAE Ambassador underscored the most promising resources and investment opportunities in the country and he said that Sudan has much wealth various sectors. The Ambassador handed the Minister of Finance an invitation from his UAE counterpart to attend the World Summit for Governments supposed to be held in Dubai next February from 12-14.



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