Britain promises to assist Sudan to address the external debt


The British government has promised to help Sudan to address the external debt and to support government efforts towards exemption, while the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning confirmed its interest in rebuilding the economic relations between the Sudanese and British institutions in various fields. Mr. Majdi Hassan Yassin, State Minister of Finance briefed, in his office today, the British Ambassador to Sudan Mr. Michael Aaron the Economic Adviser to the British Embassy and the representative of the British Development Organization on the opportunities for joint cooperation between the two countries, reviewing opportunities and studies in development projects at the level of various sectors. Mutual discussion took place between the two sides on the ways to develop joint economic cooperation to benefit from the opportunities available after the decision of lifting US sanctions. The British Ambassador promised to provide the required technical assistance and aid to support Sudan's efforts to towards  exemption from foreign debt, and he further promised to raise the study of needs of the various Sudanese institutions to the competent authorities in his country studies to consider how to provide aid.

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